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Franklin India Low Duration Fund

Important Information Important Information:
Effective 30 June 2014, Templeton India Low Duration Fund was renamed Franklin India Low Duration Fund.

Product Label

This product is suitable for Investors who are seeking*:

  • Regular income for short term.
  • An income fund focusing on low duration securities.
  • Low Risk** Low risk(BLUE)

Scheme Objectives


Is an open-end income scheme having an objective to earn regular income for investors through investment primarily in highly rated debt securities.

Key Features

  • An open ended income fund that aims to provide steady returns by investing in a mix of money market and short term debt instruments.
  • The fund aims to keep the duration of the portfolio low to reduce the interest rate sensitivity of the portfolio
  • The fund is positioned between a liquid fund and an short term fund in terms of risk reward
  • The fund is ideal for investors having a low to moderate risk profile with an investment horizon of at least 3 months
  • This fund is also suitable for investors who prefer accrual based debt products that invests in highly rated debt securities

Fund Manager

Santosh Kamath
Mumbai, India
Kunal Agrawal
Mumbai, India

*Investors should consult their financial advisers if in doubt about whether the product is suitable for them.
**Note: Risk may be represented as:

(BLUE) Investors understand that their principal will be at low risk
(YELLOW) Investors understand that their principal will be at medium risk
(BROWN) Investors understand that their principal will be at high risk
Change Funds
As of 05/03/2015



Monthly DividendRs.10.5039

Quarterly DividendRs.10.4994


Direct-Monthly DividendRs.10.5770

Direct-Quarterly DividendRs.10.5735

As of 31/01/2015

Other Information

Total Expense Ratio10.74%

Portfolio Statistics

Weighted Average Maturity1.16

Yield to Maturity210.10%

Average Duration31.05

┬╣Includes service tax on Investment Management fees.

┬▓ Pre fund expenses.

┬│Modified duration of floating rate securities is calculated based on the next reset date.

Effective 30.06.2014, some of our fund names have changed. Click here for additional information.