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Franklin India Bluechip Fund


Cumulative Performance

FundS&P CNX NiftyBSE Sensex
Discrete 12 months performance
Sep-13 to Sep-14 (Last 1 Year) 41.41%38.87%37.41%
Sep-12 to Sep-13-0.61%0.56%3.29%
Sep-11 to Sep-1212.28%15.38%14.03%
Compounded Annualized Growth Rate Performance
Last 2 Years18.50%18.12%19.08%
Last 3 Years16.41%17.22%17.39%
Last 5 Years12.57%9.39%9.57%
Last 10 Years19.35%16.50%17.01%
Last 15 Years20.54%12.21%12.15%
Since Inception (Dec 1, 1993)23.05%10.43%10.55%
Current Value of Standard Investment of Rs. 10,000
Last 2 Years14,234.0014,418.0014,580.00
Last 3 Years13,769.0013,478.0013,485.00
Last 5 Years19,689.0017,738.0017,534.00
Last 10 Years63,397.0050,554.0052,995.00
Last 15 Years217,322.0064,085.0061,375.00
Since Inception (Dec 1, 1993)715,501.0075,512.0077,199.00
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SIP - If you had invested Rs.5,000 every month in FIBCF

1 Year3 Years5 Years7 Years10 YearsSince 01/12/1993
Total Amount Invested (Rs.)60,000180,000300,000420,000600,000930,000
Total Value as on Jun 30, 2014 (Rs.)74,481.00241,290.00426,099.00696,530.001,358,203.0011,028,856.00
Total Value of S&P CNX Nifty73,703.00243,003.00416,213.00642,396.001,176,089.004,171,623.00
S&P CNX Nifty Returns45.29%20.55%13.07%11.94%12.92%14.17%
Total Value of BSE Sensex73,228.00244,108.00417,031.00643,918.001,186,668.004,242,474.00
BSE Sensex Returns43.63%20.88%13.15%12.01%13.09%14.33%
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Past performance may or may not be sustained in the future.
SIP returns are assuming investment made on first business day of every month and not disclosed for closed-end funds. Returns greater than 1 year period are compounded annualized. For liquid funds, the less than 1 year returns are simple annualized. Load has not been taken into consideration. Performance of dividend plan / option would be at the gross rates. Dividends are assumed to be reinvested and Bonus is adjusted. For equity oriented funds, additional benchmark chosen is CNX Nifty. Given the asset allocation, hybrid fund performance are not comparable with pure equity/debt fund performance and that of Additional Benchmarks.