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Personal Composite Goal Planner

All of us dream of successfully meeting our personal financial goals - children's education, buying a home or leading a financially secure retired life. It is our belief that investment needs differ based on personal financial goals. Financial planning can make the task of providing for your future so much more achievable. The key is to start early and save in a systematic manner. Our personal financial goal planner can help you plan ahead.

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Wealth Planner

Many of us desire to be wealthy. This wealth planner can help you define your own wealth target and draw out a road map of regular savings to help you achieve the goal.


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Education Planner

The cost of professional education is spiralling upward at a remarkable pace. Are you aware that a 4 year education at IIT today would cost you nearly Rs 2 lacs in terms of the fees, books, boarding and lodging? If in the next 10-15 years prices were to go up @10% per annum, you could need Rs 10 lacs to finance your child's engineering degree at IIT.

We believe you can save in a disciplined and regular manner for your child's education. It's easier than you think. The key is to start early and save regularly. This financial calculator helps you to define the amount that you would need for your children's education and also gives you a plan to reach the same.

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Retirement Planner

It requires careful planning to ensure that your nest egg provides a steady stream of income throughout your retirement and that you are able to maintain your chosen lifestyle. Once you retire you would need a variety of resources to help meet your regular income needs and outpace inflation. A well-planned retirement savings plan could help you enjoy your retirement years to the fullest!


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Expense Planner

Wouldn't you like to go on that dream vacation you've always thought about? Or maybe have the chance to buy a microwave oven or a new car? Here is a financial calculator that can tell you how much you need to save regularly to reach that goal.

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Inflation Calculator

How Much Will Things Cost in the Future?

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Net Worth Calculator

Calculate your Net Worth.

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