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Account Services

Click the links below or select from the navigation menu to the left to learn more about account services that can make managing your investments with us faster and more convenient. For availing of any of these facilities send us an email or letter to any of our Investor Service Centres, with your details.

Systematic Investing

Build convenience and discipline into your investment strategy by investing automatically according to a self-determined schedule. You can stop mailing cheques or phoning in requests to purchase units.

Systematic Withdrawals

When it's time to start withdrawing money from your funds, you can have us deliver the money to you or credit your bank according to the schedule you choose.

Systematic Transfer Plan

A convenient way to automatically a fixed part of your investments or capital appreciation from income and liquid schemes, at a monthly/quarterly frequency to other schemes.

Dividend Transfer Plan

Under this facility, you can choose to invest the dividends declared in your income/liquid schemes into equity and hybrid schemes of Franklin Templeton.

Direct Credit

You can speed up the process of receiving the proceeds from redemptions, systematic withdrawal and dividend payouts through this facility