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Online Services

Account Lookup


View your account statement for any period. Email or take a print of your account statement.

Buy/Redeem/Switch units


Buy, redeem and switch units online – helps you transact in a quicker and more convenient manner.

Portfolio Valuation


Get a valuation of your portfolio with us. You can also get a combined view of your family's investment portfolio along with your own.

Register for SIP/SWP/STP/DTP


Register for our systematic investment plans or systematic withdrawal plans or systematic transfer plans or dividend transfer of units depending on your requirement.

Request a change/Post your Request


Change your contact details, secret Q&A and dividend details. You can also post your queries online.

Dividend Details


Get your dividend and redemption details for any of your accounts.

Special Product Details


View your SIP / STP / SWP details including processed and to be processed transactions.