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You can open a new account or invest in a new fund in several ways.

    • Through your financial distributor
By email

  • Download Common Application Form from the Forms & Instructions area of our website. Complete the form and attach a check payable to Franklin Templeton or the fund in which you're investing. Mail your application to the address written on the form to any of our ISCs
  • If you have existing investments with Franklin Templeton and want to exchange from another scheme, please include written instructions with your application or kindly fill our Common Transaction Form

On our website

  • Investors who have registered for online account access can either make fresh purchase or invest in a scheme online by exchanging (switch) units from a scheme where they have already invested
  • Existing Investors who do not have online access can register online.

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Follow these Do’s and Don’ts


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  • Use updated anti-virus software and firewall software
  • Read the Terms and Conditions of Usage of HPIN and the website
  • Read the disclaimer present in the website
  • Read the Offer Document before making any purchase
  • Take note of the last login date and time displayed in our website - This is displayed to help you verify that nobody else has logged in using your username and password; If you come across such a scenario, please contact us immediately
  • Act quickly if you suspect fraud
  • Set up Account Alerts - Get SMS and email alerts that keep you posted on your account activity
  • Keep your Internet Password (HPIN) confidential
  • Change your Online Password often
  • Use a secure alphanumeric password that cannot be easily guessed. Do not use commonly used passwords like your vehicle registration number, birthdays, etc.
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  • Do not have a password that is easy to guess
I. Online Account Related


1) What is Investor Online Access?

Investor online access is a secure online transaction facility offered on our website whereby investors can login with their username and password, view portfolio and transact online.

2) What are the features available through Online Access?

  • View portfolio
  • Purchase
  • Redemption
  • Switch
  • Start systematic transactions – STP, SIP, SWP DTP
  • View / download account statement
  • Change contact details and dividend option
  • Subscribe to our services


3) How do I register for Investor Online Access

Simple! You can create your login instantly.Just click here.

4) What do I do if I forgot my password?

  • Use ‘Forgot Password’ option
  • Authenticate yourself by entering your username, e-mail ID and answer the secret question which you would have selected at the time of registering for online access.
  • On answering the secret question correctly, you will be allowed to reset your password.

If you do not remember the secret Q&A, please send us a duly signed letter requesting for generation of new password. We shall then unlock your username and send a new password to your mailing address.

5) I forgot my username and / or my online account is locked. What do I do?

  • Use ‘Forgot Username’ option
  • Authenticate yourself by entering customer folio / account number and e-mail ID registered with us.
  • Answer the secret question which you would have selected at the time of registering for online access.
  • Username will be unlocked and sent to your e-mail ID registered with us.

If you do not remember you customer folio / account number and e-mail id registered with us, please contact us.

6) Does my password have any validity period?

Your password will be valid for a period of 180 days, post which you need to change your password during the subsequent login.

7) I have created my online access. How do I transact?

  • Login with your username and password; click here to login
  • Click on ‘My transactions’ tab and choose the transaction you wish to do from the options listed on the left side menu
  • Please note that KYC is mandatory for all account holders for investment of any value.


8) Can I change my address and bank mandate using your website?

No. For security reasons address or bank details cannot be changed through our website. You would need to submit a physical request for the same. To know the documents required, please contact us.

9) Can I update my contact details through online access?

Yes. Contact details i.e. mobile number, landline numbers (residence and office) & e-mail ID can be updated online through the ‘My profile’ section.

10) What acknowledgment do I receive for my transactions?

An instant transaction confirmation will be sent to your e-mail ID and mobile number registered with us. Once your transaction is processed, you would receive an account statement via e-mail and SMS. You can also view the status of your transaction, under pending transactions tab in the ‘My transactions’ section.

11) Can I view my family’s portfolio?

Yes you can view holdings of your family by following the below steps:

1. The family member whose portfolio you wish to view needs to grant you access. This can be done by visiting the family access link under ‘My profile’ section and entering your username.Access can be grated at a folio level or account level. Folio level access would give you access to view all accounts in the folio as against account level access which would allow you to view only select accounts.

2. After this you need to visit the ‘Family portfolio’ section and add accounts of your family member by entering their username and folio / account number.

Note: This is a view only facility. You cannot transact in your family member’s folio.

12) Can I use both your website and the physical mode (submitting a transaction slip at a branch) for transacting?


13) Will I be charged for availing this facility?

No. At present this facility is being offered free of cost.

14) What is the NAV applicable for my transaction done Online?

This is based on the transaction time, fund type and investment amount. For more details on this, please contact us.

Note: Transaction time is based on the time at which your request is submitted online. For your convenience, the date and transaction time is displayed in real time on the right side top corner of your screen. You can also refer to the confirmation mail which has the exact time of receipt of your transaction.

II. How to transact on SMS?


1) What is SMS Transaction?

This is an alternate mode of executing transactions by sending an SMS from the registered mobile number in the prescribed format.

2) Who can avail this facility?

Existing investors of Franklin Templeton Asset Management (I) Private Ltd. can avail this facility post successful registration. Currently, following segments of investors are allowed to transact via this facility:

  • Resident Indians including guardian on behalf of minor
  • Non-Resident Indians (NRI)


3) How to register for facility?

Investors need to complete the SMS transaction form and submit it at any of our Investor Service Centres.

4) How much time does the registration process take?

The registration would be completed within 15 days.

5) How will I be informed once the registration is completed?

Once we receive the SMS transaction form, we would submit it to our banking partner; on receipt of confirmation of the status of the registration from Investors banker, we would send out the intimation to Investors via email and SMS.

6) What transactions can be carried out through this mode?

Investors can buy and redeem units through this facility.

7) What will be the applicable NAV for my transaction?

Applicable NAV for the transaction will be dependent upon the time of receipt of the SMS message into the Franklin Templeton server and electronically time-stamped and as per the provisions of SEBI (Mutual Funds) Regulations, 1996 as amended, from time to time.

8) What is the SMS I can send to transact?

Loading, please wait...
SMS Format
Sample SMS

BUY (Purchase with ARN)

BUY <scheme code> <amount> <ARN code> <EUIN>

BUY 038 10000 ARN-1234 E123456

Purchase would be processed with ARN-1234 and EUIN as 123456

BUY (Purchase without ARN)

BUY<scheme code> <amount>

BUY 038 10000

Purchase would be processed into direct plan of the corresponding scheme code (038)

RED (Redeem with amount)

RED<scheme code> <amount>

RED 038 5000

Redemption would be processed for requested amount in the scheme code 038

RED (Redeem all)

RED<scheme code> ALL


All available units would be redeemed in the scheme code 055


9) When will my bank account be debited once the purchase transaction is initiated?

Investors registered bank account would be debited either on the same day of transaction or within seven business days subject to the process of the National Automatic Clearing House (NACH). Meanwhile we would allot provisional units until receipt of credit. We request Investors to ensure that your bank account is sufficiently funded to honour the transaction.

Please note that in case of non-receipt of funds (for any reason), the corresponding units allotted would be reversed and Investors would be notified of the same.

10) How will the distributor (ARN) code of my financial adviser / distributor get tagged to my transaction?

To process a transaction with an ARN code, please provide the same in your SMS transaction as follows:
BUY space <scheme code> space <amount> space <ARN Code> space <EUIN>

Please note that transaction charges may be applicable basis the distributor i.e. if the said distributor has opted for same.

11) What are the possible instances where my transaction may not be processed?

Transactions that are successfully received by us may be rejected under the following circumstances:

a) Transaction SMS received in an incorrect format

b) Transaction received from an unregistered mobile number

c) Transaction received with incorrect customer folio / scheme code

d) Transaction amount does not meet the minimum purchase / redemption amount requirement as specified in Scheme Information Document (SID) / Statement of Additional Information.

e) Where the market value is less than the redemption amount requested

12) Is this facility available for all schemes?

This facility is available in all open ended schemes of Franklin Templeton and is subject to change from time to time. Please click here to know the updated list of funds currently available for SMS transactions.

13) What would be the dividend option in case the scheme selected is a dividend plan?

In case of investment into an existing account, the existing dividend option shall be applicable for the additional units as well. In case of investment into a new scheme, the default plan / option specified for scheme in the Scheme Information Document (SID) / Key Information Memorandum (KIM) shall be applicable. Investors may also change the dividend plan later by providing a duly signed written request.

14) What are the charges applicable for transacting through SMS?

We do not levy any charges for transacting via SMS. However premium outgoing SMS charges will be applicable as prescribed by Investors service provider.

15) What are the timings for initiating an SMS transaction?

SMS transaction can be initiated anytime, anywhere. If the transaction is received post cut-off on a business day or on a non-business day, the request is treated as being received on the immediate next business day. Please refer terms relating to NAV applicability in the Scheme Information Document (SID) / Key Information Memorandum (KIM) for more details.



1) What is KYC?

KYC is an acronym for “Know Your Client”, a term commonly used for Client Identification Process. For investing any Mutual fund investor needs to be KYC verified.

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has prescribed certain requirements under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act 2002 relating to KYC for Financial Institutions and Financial Intermediaries including Mutual Funds to ‘know’ their Clients. KYC process helps prevent money laundering and other suspicious transactions.

KYC verification is required for all Unit Holders, including Guardians and Power of Attorney holders but excludes Nominees, minors & Kartas, for any investment (whether new or additional purchase; SIP; Switch; STP and DTP) of any value in mutual funds.

2) How is KYC registration done?

For KYC registration the Mutual Fund Industry has appointed CDSL Ventures Limited (“CVL”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Central Depository Services (India) Limited, to carry out the KYC compliance procedure. CVL through its Point of Service(POS) will accept KYC Application Forms verify documents and provide the KYC Acknowledgement (across the counter on a best effort basis). Once the KYC is duly completed in all respects, the investor need to produce a copy of the acknowledgement to the fund house where the investor desires to invest. Hence, there is no need to repeat the KYC submission process again.

Investors must attach their KYC Acknowledgement / KRA website print out along with the Investment Application Form(s) / Transaction Slip(s) while investing for the first time. Investors who need to get KYC registration done can now register on the website with us. Just click on ekYC link and get instant KYC verification done.
Register for eKYC and get your KYC done real time.

IV. What is FATCA?


FATCA is an acronym for the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, a new set of US Tax Regulations brought in by the US govt. and enacted through the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which is similar to Income Tax Department in India. This regulation requires us to collect information about each investor place of birth, country of residency for tax purpose, tax payer identification number, etc. In case of an entity, many other information including details of GIIN, Controlling persons to be submitted.

Click here to submit your FATCA information.

V. How to Redeem?


Offline mode:

Investor needs to submit the redemption request form (click here for the form) duly filled in all respect at our Investor service centre before 3 PM. (click here to get the branch address). The transaction will be processed as per the Net Asset Value (NAV) as of the date and time of receipt of the request. In case the mode of holding opted by the investor is “Jointly”, then all the holders need to sign the redemption request. In case MOH is “either or survivor” than any one of the investor can sign the request.

Online mode:

Investor can also redeem units in the existing funds through online access. Click here to redeem online.

VI. What is meant by a nomination?


Nomination is the facility through which investors can nominate persons to receive the benefits in case of sad demise of the investor (in case of single holding folios).

1) What are the documents required for making a nomination?

Nomination can be provided in either of the following ways:

  • Fill-in the nomination form; click here to download the form
  • Provide a written request mentioning folio number and name(s) of nominee, signed by all unit holders (irrespective of the mode of holding) along with nominee name, address and signature of one witness.


2) What are the benefits of nomination?

Providing nomination is mandatory and this would help in seamless transfer of investors units in case of an unforeseen event. Investors can provide a maximum of three nominees, mentioning the % share for each nominee. If Investors wish to change nomination, Investors can do so anytime by providing a fresh request

3) Can the nomination be made in a joint account?

Yes, Investments made in joint Account can also have nomination. The only thing to take care is that all the holders in the folio will have to sign the nomination form in order to register the nominee.

4) Can there be more than one nominee in an account?

Investors can nominate maximum three nominees in the folio and accordingly need to provide the

5) Can the nomination be cancelled or changed or modified?

Yes, Nomination can be cancelled/Changed/Modified as per investor request by filling up the nominee modification form.

VII. How to Buy?


1) How can Investor Buy units of Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund?

Investors can subscribe to various schemes of our Mutual fund by any of the below modes:

  • Physical Mode
  • Online Mode through: Invest Online / SMS
  • Exchange Platforms


Physical Mode: In a physical mode, the investor will have to submit a completely filled physical subscription application form along with the cheque and necessary documents at any of our Branch offices before 3.00 pm. (Branch address link to be provided)

  • Duly filled in Common Application Form. (Click here to see the common application form)
  • Third Party Declaration(Click here to see third party declaration form)
  • KYC Acknowledgement (Verified by KRA)

Online Mode: Through Invest Online (website

Through Stock Exchange Platform- i.e. NSE-MFSS & BSE- BSE Star mutual fund platform

VIII. Change of Address


1) What is the procedure for change of address?

a) If Investors are not KYC registered - please provide a duly signed written request mentioning Investor folio number, new address and enclose self-attested copy of address proof and identity proof:

  • Documents accepted as address proof – passport, ration card, driving license, voter ID, registered lease / sale agreement of residence, latest bank statement / electricity bill / landline bill / gas bill
  • Documents accepted as identity proof – PAN if updated in our records. If PAN is not updated in our records, please provide passport / driving license / voter ID / Aadhaar

b) If Investors are KYC registered - please provide Investor request for change of address using the KYC change request form along with the documents and verification mentioned therein.

IX. Bank Details Change


1) How do I change my bank account details?

Please provide a duly signed request mentioning investors new bank detail, account / customer folio number and provide any one of the following document as proof of bank account:

  • Original cancelled cheque leaf or original bank statement with first holder’s name and bank account number pre-printed or photocopy of the same OR
  • Copy of bank passbook reflecting first holder’s name and bank account number

Photocopy needs to be attested by a bank manager (affixing name, designation, employee code and seal) or by a notary public or at any of our branches or collection centres by producing originals with self-attested photocopy.

Also note that any change in bank detail would be effective after a cooling period of 10 calendar days from the date of receipt of request.

Registering multiple banks

Investors can register more than one bank account for investment and choose the bank account to which payment for a particular redemption transaction needs to be made. Click here to download the form

X. Change in Name Procedures?


Documents required for change of name depends on the reason for change in name. Please provide an appropriate set of documents as given below. Investors can also use the application form; click here to download the form

a) Change of name due to marriage

1. Attested* copy of marriage certificate

2. Attested* copy of identity proof in new name. Some of the acceptable identity proofs are PAN, voter ID, driving license, passport, and PIO card. In case Investors do not hold any of these proofs, please contact us.

3.No objection letter from all unit holders irrespective of the mode of holding

b) Change of name due to divorce

1. Attested* copy of divorce deed

2. No objection letter from all unit holders irrespective of the mode of holding

c) Change of name for any other reason

1. Attested* copy of gazette notification

2. No objection letter from all unit holders irrespective of the mode of holding

3. Attested* copy of newspaper advertisement if any

d) Change of name by NRIs

1. Documents given above depending on the reason for name change or

2. Attested* copy of document issued by the relevant jurisdiction evidencing change in name

XI. Change in Signature


Along with change in name if Investors wish to change Investors signature, in Investors request for change in name, please provides either of the following:

1. Old and new signature or

2. New signature attested by the banker registered in our records

* Attestation can be obtained from any one of the below entities:

  • Gazetted officer
  • Practicing chartered accountant
  • Advocate
  • Notary public
  • Bank manager mentioning name, employee number, designation and seal
  • Franklin Templeton branches / collection centres – please produce the original proof for verification. Our executive would verify and return the originals across the counter.


XII. Unclaimed amount


1) What are unclaimed dividend/ redemption?

As the name suggests, unclaimed dividend or redemption is the amount of dividend or redemption payout that was not claimed by the investors due to various reasons such as address changed, account number not matching etc.

2) What happens to Dividend/Redemption benefits that go Unclaimed?

The unclaimed redemption and dividend amounts are held in Unclaimed Balances redemption – Growth plan /Unclaimed Balances Dividend – Growth plan and the investors can claim it upon submitting necessary documents.

3) How to Claim your Unclaimed Dividend / Redemption payments

To claim your unclaimed dividends/ redemption proceeds, please call our investor line at the numbers outlined below or e-mail us at In case there is a change in your correspondence address / bank details, please follow the steps outlined below:

a) To change correspondence address

  • If you are not KYC (Know Your Customer) registered - please forward a duly signed written request mentioning the folio/ account details and enclose self-attested copy of address proof and identity proof:

Documents accepted as address proof – passport, ration card, driving license, voter ID, registered lease / sale agreement of residence, latest electricity bill, landline bill or gas bill

Documents accepted as identity proof – PAN if updated in our records. If PAN is not updated in our records, please provide passport / driving license / voter ID / UID (Aadhaar).

  • If you are KYC registered - please provide your request for change of address using the KYC change request form available on our website → Resources → Forms & Instruction section along with the documents mentioned therein.

b) To change bank details

Please fill-in the multiple bank mandate registration form (available in the above section of our website), enclosing the documents mentioned therein.

For any queries, please call our investor line at 1800 425 4255 or 6000 4255 (if calling from a mobile phone, please prefix your city STD code; local call rates apply for both numbers) from 8 am to 9 pm, Monday to Saturday or e-mail us at