Celebrating real-life stories of 6 extraordinary heroes who have inspired society and communities to Reach For Better.

Have a Goal

Having a goal can help you achieve a larger purpose. Watch how having a goal helped Pabiben and many women in her community Reach For Better.

Seek Guidance

Seek the right guidance to realize your goals. Watch how Biplab's guidance helped thousands of farmers Reach For Better.

It's Never Too Late To Begin

The right time to start is now. Watch how Baby Halder proved that it's never too late to begin to Reach For Better.

Start Early

Start early to get more opportunities to achieve your goals. Here's the story of Sikanto who started early to Reach For Better.

Step Up

Step Up Consistently to go higher, get faster and become stronger. Presenting the story of Shankar and how he stepped up consistently to Reach For Better.

Stay Resilient

Fall, fail but get up and keep going through the highs and lows. This is the story of Kajal and her Resilience to Reach For Better.