Importance of Compounding in - running, life and investments!

Running is one of the most common fitness activities and rightly so. The benefits of running are seen by people in all walks of life as it is one of the best exercises to help condition one's heart and lungs, apart from losing weight and staying fit. Running also helps develop endurance, is a great stress reliever, takes away emotional strain and helps one achieve mental peace.

However, just as in any other activity, the benefits of running can be seen in the long-term only if small learnings are applied to achieve bigger and better results. One may start by running 5 kilometers a day and doing core exercises that help improve stamina and fitness. But, beyond a point, this may become boring and not as rewarding as it was at the beginning. Thus, it is important to build on the foundations and continue adding to it, to derive the best benefits out of running. Another word for this is compounding.

One of the best example of compounding is provided by endurance runner Anuja Mudda, who specializes in running ultramarathons and uses her running not only to stay fit but to spread an important social message that focuses on women and children. Mudda runs long distances to raise awareness and empower women and children against sexual abuse, all while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

So, just like Mutual Funds help your investments grow over the years through the power of compounding, Anuja used the power of compounding to grow from someone who used to walk 2 kilometers a day to run distances greater than 450 kilometers over a period of time. Simultaneously, she was able to empower women and children against sexual abuse by reaching out to more than 4000 women and children to show them that the journey from a scared child to a strong, independent individual can be thrilling and satisfying.

Understanding the importance of compounding in life can help one enjoy and live life to the fullest, very similar to how compounding helps grow one's investments over the years so as to help achieve life goals.

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